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Walking paths - Arabba

Livinallongo - Marmolada

Traks in Arabba:
From Arabba you reach Varda and from here you take the path towards Cherz and Campolonga Pass. Return to Arabba on path Long uphill walk through woods and fields. Recommended for those, who want to immerse into the surroundings, in which the locals live. Starting point is Arabba. Then follow the road to the Campolongo Pass until you reach the junction to Varda where you take the little road that crosses the hamlet. If you keep following the sign red-white-red, this will lead you on a path through a pine forest and on a plain until reaching Masarei. If you keep the village to the right you will reach a mule track and at some stage it will fork off. The path on the right will bring you down to the Cherz fraction, while the path on the left leads uphill on road and you will leave the Marmolada and Mesola behind you. To the west the path leads up to the plateau of Cherz and then continues to the Campolongo Pass, from which you can reach Arabba.

From Arabba path to Campolongo Pass, Bec de Roces hut and then path until reaching the lake. Cross the Ru de Boè Bridge in Arabba and follow the road for approx. Reaching the last house. Take the mule track, which leads along the right bank of the Campolongo river, until reaching the state road of the Campolongo. Leave the state road and path n. 638 and take the road to your left . The jagged towers, named Bec de Roces, appear to the north. You have the choice of walking around them. The red circles at the bottom of the walls indicate the places where the snap rings can be placed for rock climbing. Once past the Bec de Roces you will reach a square rock with the ruins of the old enclosures for sheep. Take the path that leads underneath Col de Stagn, not much above (to the East) the farm. Walk up the easy mountain ridge and cross Plan de Sas until reaching a ski slope, which descends from Valori towards Corvara. Cross the slope and you will reach Boè lake half way to the chair lift. The lake lies in a profound natural precipice and is therefore somewhat hidden. On return descend to the departure point of the chair lift and you will reach a road that coincides with path n. 638 and then with the Campolongo.

State road between Livinallongo and the Falzarego Pass: in Castello village it meets the path, which takes you to Nuvolao. Panoramic excursion on a comfortable path across plateaus and alpine pastures. From Castello take the uphill village road until reaching the state. 50 m there is a sign to your right, which inidicates the beginning of the grade. The path leads across a little river and to the Valiate area (2,017 m). Follow the easy mule track to Pre da Pontin. The higher you go, the better the view. To your right you will see the peak of Pore Mountain, the Giau and Averau Passes: ahead you will find the Nuvolao and slightly to the left the bottom walls of Croda Negra (Punta Gallina). Follow the path along rocks and you will reach a crucifix, which is dedicated to the victims of World War I. The road leads up a hill and across rubble until reaching the Nuvolao Hut (2,413 m). From here take the easy path n. 439 and you will reach the peak of the Nuvolao Mountain (2,574 m). Return on the same path.
From the Pordoi Pass you will reach the Portavescovo and always remain at the perfect height for a spectacular view of the Marmolada and the Fedaia lake. Paths C.A.I. The first section of the route leads along a path named Viel del Plan, which was used by caravans for the transportation of goods between the Isarco and the Agordino Valleys, because the basin was covered in thick forests and was therefore seen as less safe and not passable. This path is also known under the name Bindelweg or Bindersteig At Pordoi take path C.A.I. n. 601 to the left of the Casa Alpina which will lead you to the Chapel. It was built in memory of the alpine guides and ski instructors, who were dragged along by an avalanche, which started at Sas Bec. Leave Teriol de Le Creste to the left and follow to the right, which is easier. You will enjoy the spectacular view on the Northern mountain face of the Marmolada, Fedaja Lake and Alta Val di Fassa. Pass underneath Col de Chuch (2,563 m) and you will reach the Viel del Pan hut (2,432 m, private); from here procede under the slopes of Sas Ciapel (2,557 m) until you reach the foothill of Belvedere, where the path forks. Proceed to the left for the ascent to Portavescovo. From here walk downhill on path n. 680. The path meets the road at the cable car in the first section. The path leads onto an army mule track, which passes underneath Sas Ciapèl and brings you to the 33rd turn of the state road SS 48 and finally to Pordoi. This is how you complete the circle around Sas Ciapel. Variation: if you descend to the right at the fork, path n. 601 will lead you to Fedaja Lake. Return on the path for variation 1 hour. Useful information: there is a bus service between Arabba and Pordoi Pass.


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