Dolomiti Alto Adige
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Holidays in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Dolomites

The Dolomites have been declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO because of their distinctive nature and exceptional beauty

Discover the enchanting world of the Pale Mountains!

The diverse natural landscape and geographical location make the South Tyrolean Dolomites holiday region a dream destination for every holiday maker. The Dolomites enchanted the UNESCO World Heritage Committee with their unparalleled beauty, just like they captivated the poet Goethe, the famous architect Le Corbusier and the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner in years gone by. Pointed peaks, rugged ridges and steep rock faces glow a deep red in the evening light, turning orange then violet before gently disappearing into the darkness of the night. It is the unique composition of Dolomite rock that creates this alpine glow, the natural wonder that is known as Enrosadira.
Formed in the ancient tropical Tethys Sea around 250 million years ago, the Dolomites were shaped by water, wind and ice, the true sculptors of this natural masterpiece. Named after Déodat de Dolomieu, who discovered their unique chemical composition, around a third of these mountains have been protected by nature reserves, national parks and Natura 2000 areas for decades.
The most famous peaks, such as the Marmolada (3,342 m), the Tofana di Rozes (3,225 m), the Sassolungo (3,181 m), the Three Peaks (2,999 m) and the Rosengarten Group (3,002 m), are among the most beautiful mountains in the world. And it is exactly this beauty which is highlighted in the international expert committee's final report that classifies the geological, botanical and landscape features of the Dolomites as being unique in the world.
Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of sweeping alpine meadows at the foot of dramatic rock faces from exceptional vantage points at the Sass Pordoi (2,950 m), the Lagazuoi (2,800 m) and the Forcella Staunies on the Monte Cristallo (2,930 m), which are all accessible by cable car.
In the Dolomites holiday region, skiers and snowboarders are able to glide from one valley to the next, enjoying 12 ski resorts and 1,200 km of slopes with panoramic views with the aid of a single ski pass. Hikers, mountaineers and mountain bikers all have the opportunity to personally experience the unspoiled natural landscape of the South Tyrolean mountains with its flowering alpine meadows, lush green forests, broad plateaus and idyllic mountain lakes.
Look forward to an unforgettable holiday in the heart of the Dolomites - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.