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Sights and trip destinations in Val d'Ega – Dolomites

The holiday region at the foot of the Rosengarten – Latemar group has a lot to offer nature lovers as well as those interested in culture

The Sanctuary of Madonna die Pietralba near Monte San Pietro, the most significant place of pilgrimage in South Tyrol, is one of the numerous attractions of the Val d'Ega holiday region.

Several of the most beautiful sights and best trip destinations are listed here, in and around Nova Ponente, Obereggen, Ega, Monte San Pietro, Nova Levante, Lake Carezza and Collepietra. Expect a holiday full of variety in the South Tyrolean Dolomites.


The Pilgrimage Site of Madonna die Pietralba/ Maria Weißenstein on Monte San Pietro is the most significant place of pilgrimage in South Tyrol. It is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the entire country. The devotional statue of the grieving Madonna, the original chapel, as well as the long entrance hall adorned with votive images, are all particularly impressive.


Thurn Castle (13th century), the former court house and Nova Ponente's town hall today, houses a valuable collection of religious pieces of art. Altar pieces, paintings, early baroque statues of saints, consecration certificates and prehistoric finds are all on display.


Cornedo/Karneid Castle stands on a rocky mound high above the Val d'Ega gorge. Built around the middle of the 13th century, the castle is one of the most beautiful castles in South Tyrol. Today, the castle is privately owned and can only be viewed via guided tour and with advance notice from April to October.


The Collepietra Folk Museum is one of the loveliest of its kind in South Tyrol. The historic living quarters, chambers and work spaces provide a valuable insight into Tyrolean history; into the daily life of farmers, the crafting industry, religion and times of war.


The Parish Church of Nova Ponente dates back to the 15th century. Particularly worth seeing are the four carved relief panels by Hans von Judenberg on the high altar.


The Chapel of St. Helena near Nova Ponente dates back to the 12th century. A lovely, approximately 1-hour long walk, leads from Nova Ponente through meadows and woodland to the chapel. The Gothic frescoes from the 15th century Bolzano School, depicting scenes from the Old and New Testament, are stunning; as is the panoramic view of Latemar, Sciliar and the Rosengarten massif from the picnic bench outside.


The Parish Church of St. Nicola is located in Ega's village centre. Miners in Ega worshipped the patron saint Nicola as a protector against natural disasters. In Ega, he was thought to protect the village against the white-water streams and rivers nearby.


The South Tyrol Planetarium is located in San Valentino in Campo, a small area of the Cornedo municipality in the Val d'Ega holiday region. The planetarium offers a realistic 3D presentation of the universe with the help of high-precision optical technology; a cosmos simulator that is one of a kind in the world. Regardless of the weather and time of day, up to 55 guests can embark on an exciting  journey of space discovery.


The Max Valier Astronomical Observatory and the Peter Anich Solar Observatory are situated in the upper part of San Valentino in Campo. The observatory offers the opportunity to gaze at the night sky by means of several telescopes. It is the only public observatory in South Tyrol.